Some nice words from our clients. The funds are strictly designed to help single-family homeowners retrofit their residences for safety purposes.
Valentina Caligaris Venditore - San Lorenzo, Roma

“Nexu Real Estate and the owner, Carolyn Delli, represents an agency with a high level of professionalism. At every stage of the sale Carolyn was competent, punctual, and kind. She is a hard worker and a nice presence to be around… and at the end we all celebrated the sale together!”

Cinzia and Giuseppe Gori Buyers - San Lorenzo, Rome

“When we first started to make our dream happen, life got in the way. And then, on a very hot June day, we met Carolyn. She seemed to have the keys to our dream; we could finally access what we had always been waiting for. Now that we knew it was possible, a storm of questions, doubts and fears plagued us. Within this vortex of so many sensations came Carolyn’s voice, her knowledge solving every issue and forming a solid plan. From there, it required a lot of work to put together the pieces of a puzzle that at times seemed impossible to us. Never to her. Carolyn was always there. Discreet and constant in accompanying us on this journey that was not just “buying a house in Rome”. This was something else entirely and together we solved the puzzle of finding our perfect home in Rome, Italy. Within the time that it took to find our dream home, she lived this journey fully, always with a sure hand, serene gesture and the sweet tenacity of a woman who makes an art of her work.”

Linda Genovese Seller - Centro Storico, Rome

“I retained Carolyn Delli Santi to sell an apartment of a friend who had recently died.  After having a horrible experience with the prior realtor on the same property, Carolyn was a breath of fresh air. She priced the property competitively, kept me informed weekly of prospects, and was very aggressive in pursuing those who had a genuine interest in buying. Once a buyer was found she took the initiative in working with the buyer in all of the details of the sale. The end result was a timely closing at an acceptable price.  I certainly would recommend her for anyone needing a realtor. In fact I already have recommended her to a friend who is considering the sale of his residence.”

Charles and Maureen Radding Buyers - Testaccio, Rome

“When my wife and I began looking for a place to buy in Rome we had already spent a great deal of time in the city during sabbaticals from teaching and summers. We knew the area where we wanted to buy (Testaccio), we could speak Italian reasonably well, and had friends ready to help. Even so, the prospect of looking on our own was daunting. One agent we had talked to, though charming and forthcoming, solemnly assured us that there was no bargaining over price in Italy! Another agency I contacted by email simply did not respond. It was therefore a great relief to have a friend direct us to Carolyn Delli-Santi. Having her as our agent greatly simplified the process of looking, since she made the contacts and discussed with us what was realistically possible. She also continued to work with us after the compromesso, when Italian agents are done, helping us deal with the after-purchase details of buying property in Italy such as notaries and utilities. (Let’s just say that you don’t just call up the electric company to get the bill put in your name.) Her professionalism made the experience of buying a place of our own as easy and as understandable as it could be.”

Sheila and Lorenzo Ortona Owner's - Parioli, Rome

“Carolyn Delli Santi helped us find a tenant for our three bedroom apartment in Parioli, Rome while we were living in California. She tended to all maintenance projects necessary to make the apartment rentable, and worked efficiently and professionally to prepare the apartment for showings. It was not easy to coordinate details throughout time zones, but she managed to do so with great organization and efficiency. She found us a great tenant in a short amount of time and made the move-in transition easy for all involved. She knows how to get the job done, and both her fluency in Italian and English, and her knowledge of both the Italian and American cultures, makes her a unique broker who can bridge America and Italy very well.”

Rudy and Connie Echeverria Buyer's - Anzio, Italy

“My wife and I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did  in finding a special home for us.  We would also like to advise prospective clients that if they want the best real estate agent in Italy, they should definitely call Carolyn. She is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market and every aspect of what foreigners must accomplish before they can even make an offer on a property such as obtaining a codice fiscale and opening an Italian bank account. With our limited understanding of the Italian language and legalities, we would have been unable to purchase a home without her assistance. Carolyn was with us every step of the way and she is a very caring and kind person. Even after the close of escrow, Carolyn has continued to assist us by answering our many questions and providing us with referrals to her many contacts. We highly recommend Carolyn to any prospective buyer or seller.”

Russell Armstrong Seller - Trastevere, Rome

“Carolyn is a professional and is thoroughly knowledgeable when it comes to real estate. She is a joy to work with and she definitely makes things happen. Carolyn takes the stress out of a transaction by being proactive and anticipating problems and coming up with their solutions.”

Genevieve Mouton Buyer - Centro Storico, Rome

“Carolyn offered a lot of support and guidance throughout the process! She is very professional and kind. She does a great job.”

Tom Peters Buyer - San Quirico D'Orcia, Tuscany

“I would definitely recommend Carolyn. She makes you her top priority. I think she is doing a great job. She listens to your choices and finds it. She was polite, patient and very efficient. We were in frequent contact and my real estate experience with her was very rewarding.”

Pamela and Joseph Wright Buyer - Prati, Rome

Being a long distance buyer presents a few unique challenges. As a result, we thought it was critical to find a realtor who thoroughly understood both the market, and the characteristics of our ideal home. Carolyn and her team far exceeded our expectations in all areas. Carolyn’s level of knowledge about the housing market is incredible, and we were comfortable that our limited time to look for homes would be well spent. Working with Carolyn was truly a pleasure, and even better she successfully identified and delivered exactly what we wanted. The transaction was seamless from afar and we will continue to recommend this talented agent to others.”